11075 AN UNUSUAL MAHOGANY DOMED DISPLAY CABINET English. Last Quarter Of The Eighteenth Century. Measurements: Height: 86 3/4″ (220.3 cm) Width: 49 1/4″ (125 cm) Depth: 18 1/2″ (47 cm)

Of mahogany. The apsidal shaped upper section fitted with a pair of lozenge astragal glazed doors and four incurved shelves. The base with chamfered top edge set with a single drawer with old but replaced paired drop handles. 

The arched form of the present cabinet was a recurring theme in work of celebrated English architect and designer Robert Adam, who frequently employed arched niches in his interior schemes, such as in the drawing room at Derby House, Grosvenor Square.

The present cabinet is constructed from costly imported mahogany, and is fitted with nearly full-length astragal glazed doors, adding sophistication to its pared down design. The original in-curved shelves with plate rails, confirm that the cabinet was intended for display purposes, rather than as a bookcase, illustrating the wealth of the household.

A pair of blue painted cabinets of related form was previously in the collection of Carlton Hobbs (figure 1).

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